Same Sex Marriages

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As long as the people involved are happy with the same, I do not think it’s a problem.

Famous Sexologist in Bangalore

It can a personal choice and I think we are moving towards a broader spectrum-based approach in considering how sexuality needs to be seen. What was considered “abnormal” has not been naturalized. It is important to have an open mind when we are looking at sex and the sexual aspects of any relationship. Best Sexologist.As rigid thinking can hamper the performance and devalue the experience.

Of course, the people involved are aware of the biological challenges of them going through the changes and adjusting to the new way of life, the kind of challenges sometimes can put them at risk for lot of anxiety, Homosexuality Treatment in Pune adjustment problems and also depression. As mentioned, some of these may be dynamic and thus the preferences are known to change in some people – hence they need to be ready to accept the same and also have enough coping skills to deal with the problems as and when they arise.

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