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Does performing Yoga enhance your sex life?

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of fitness techniques that have been practiced since ancient times. Though it has evolved the modern times, it is still a popular and effective fitness methodology even in this modern world. Sexless Marriages Treatment Now you must be thinking, does yoga help in improving sex life? Yes, it does help!

Sex is part of everybody’s life that is emotionally and physically important for everyone. It is natural to get the feeling to have intercourse. Libido is the hormone present in the body that stimulates thoughts toward sex. When your libido is high, sexual cravings become more. Relation Ship Problems Treatment in Pune. When it is less, you do not show much interest in sex.

Many yoga asanas help you improve core stamina and flexibility. Apart from the known benefits of yoga, there are many more advantages.

Yoga helps you reduce stress – When your body is undergoing a lot of stress, you may not enjoy sex completely. Regular practice of yoga can help you reduce stress and increase the sensation, that is utmost needed during sex. When the sensation is high, the satisfaction is also high.

Yoga helps you increase flexibility – Yoga is one of the best methods to increase flexibility in your body. Different asanas can make you more flexible which will in turn help you try different sex positions and the best sex positions that suit you.

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Yoga improves energy levels – Regular practice of yoga helps you increase your energy levels phenomenally. When your energy is high, you can indulge for more duration in foreplay and improve physical intimacy with your partner.

Yoga boosts your body confidence – There are many times people withdraw themselves from enjoying sex and physical intimacy to the maximum, because of less body confidence. Regular yoga can help one achieve in improving their fitness and also have a toned body. Sexologist in Pune. This will help to increase body confidence during sex.

Many yoga asanas can help you improve your general well-being and sexual wellness. Improving the core strength, relaxing the muscles, and improving the strength of the pelvic floor can help one achieve good satisfaction during sex.

Regular practice of yoga can improve desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain. Many studies suggest that yoga has helped many women to overcome the fear of sex and hesitation towards intercourse. In men, yoga helps with desire, intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, partner synchronization, erection, ejaculatory control, and orgasm. Best Sexologist in Pune. Both men and women benefit a lot when they practice yoga regularly.

People who suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, or infertility, can approach a sexologist to understand the issue in detail and practice suitable yoga moves. Sexologists and sexual wellness experts in Passion fruit clinic, Pune, can help you to treat various issues related to sex and intercourse.

Here are some of the popular Yoga asanas to spice up your sex life.

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The downward-facing dog – This yoga move helps you to relax the muscles in the back and stretches all the core muscles in the body.

Cat-cow pose – This is one of the best asanas to improve pelvic floor strength and relax the back muscles. Regular practice with this asana will help you have better orgasms! It also helps you reduce back pain.

Eagle pose – It is one of the popular yoga practices that help you boost concentration and improves focus. This will help you increase awareness of what you do, which in turn helps you achieve satisfaction during sex.

Bridge pose – This practice is done by holding the hip and the cervix in an elevated position, which helps one achieve strong vaginal muscles. It is highly beneficial for women. Sex Therapist in Pune Bridge pose is similar to kegel practice, which helps in tightening the vagina and helps you enjoy full orgasms.

Wide-leg straddles – This asana improves blood flow in the pelvic area, and boosts energy and core body strength.

Pigeon pose – It is one of the excellent poses that helps in releasing the tension in the pelvic and hip area. Relaxed muscles in the groin area, can you help you achieve complete satisfaction during sex/intercourse.

Our sexologists at PassionFruit clinic can guide you and help you spice up your sex life. They are the best sexologists in India, who help you overcome all issues related to sex, infertility, ED, and many other emotional issues involved concerning physical intimacy. Sexual wellness counselors can also help you identify suitable yoga asanas to enhance your satisfaction during sex.


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