Treatment with Allopathy medicines for Sexual dysfunction: Truth and Myths

Allopathic medicine for ed

Sex is a very important part of one’s life, just like every regular activity. Maintaining a healthy body and mind is essential for a person’s mental stability. When a person is involved in sex, foreplay, and intercourse, he/she feels happy, and emotionally accomplished, and boosts self-confidence as well. A person feels hale and healthy when both physical and mental needs are satisfied.

People have different expectations when it comes to sex. Exposure to porn and magazines related to sex creates fantasies in every person’s mind. Having these fantasies in mind, when a person wants to achieve the same with their partner, they need to be mentally and emotionally prepared. Famous Sexologist in Pune. A person with sexual dysfunction might have many fantasies but might not be able to achieve the same. He or she needs support and guidance in overcoming the same. Allopathic medicine for ed.

Sexual disorder or dysfunction is common both in men and women. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, no arousal, less desire, no orgasm, vaginal dryness, no desire, pain during intercourse, weak vaginal muscle, and no interest in sex, foreplay, or intercourse is considered as sexual disorder or dysfunction.

These are issues that can be treated effectively with counselling, treatment, and allopathic medicines. Erectile dysfunction can be completely cured by consuming prescribed medicines by sexologists from our PassionFruit – Sexual Wellness Centre, Bangalore. They will guide you on what to do and what not to do, and what medicines are needed, which will, in turn, help you have a good experience during sex.

Mostly, medicines that are prescribed for sexual dysfunctions, help to pump more blood to the reproductive system and organs. This directly helps in activating the organs and helps in feeling arousal. When the problem is diagnosed, your sexologist might prescribe you with necessary hormone supplements if needed. Male Sexual Treatment in Pune. Physical examination, blood tests, urine analysis, and ultrasound are different methods of diagnosis that can help a doctor identify the disorder.

Sexologist in Pune

Many Myths have been doing rounds since olden times when it comes to sexual dysfunction and allopathy medication. Let’s decode them!

  1. Only older people need medication for sexual problems – No! An older person might see changes in their sex drive and ability to perform, but even a younger person might need medication and guidance to improve their sex life!
  2. Viagra is the only medication available for Erectile dysfunction – Viagra definitely helps in treating ED, but it might not work for certain people. Though Viagra is popular and there are various other effective treatments available to treat the issue.
  3. Allopathic medicines cause side effects and are unsafe – The medicines which are prescribed by the experts at PassionFruit – Sexual wellness Center are carefully selected and curated to your needs after a thorough and detailed evaluation. Hence under the guidance and expert opinion, you can rest assured that these are taken care of and you have nothing to worry.
  4. Allopathy medication makes a man or woman infertile – This is a myth that needs to be eradicated. Allopathy medication for sexual issues is as effective as allopathy for cardio-related issues. Any Medication for that case needs to be consumed only when it is prescribed by a doctor or a sexologist. Self-medication can go wrong in many ways when you are already under medication for other health issues.
  5. Allopathic medications are addictive and habit-forming – Zilch, Nada! No. It’s not the medicines which are addictive it’s about how people use them which can form the habit. As mentioned, the right doses and duration and associated behavioural therapy along with the medicines can help you overcome sexual dysfunction easily and thus a combined approach helps you solve this early and effectively.
  6. The sexual disorder is completely psychological and allopathy worsens it – Yes, what you think and believe in your mind does have an impact, but it does cause any medical complications. Sexual dysfunction does have a medical cause – like hormonal imbalance, ED, premature ejaculation or low libido. Sexual disorders might cause psychological issues, as a person might not feel satisfied with the intercourse because of underlying medical issues.
  7. Allopathy medication cannot treat sexual dysfunction – For every sexual dysfunction a person faces, there is a medical reason that causes it. Any medical issue can be treated with allopathy medication when diagnosed and treated at the right time. Allopathy medicines are very effective in treating ED, less libido, premature ejaculation, less arousal, dry vagina, pain during intercourse, and any other issues related to sex.

However certain patient behaviours have led to this myth and we do not encourage such behaviours – a few of them are:

  • continuing to take the medicines beyond the prescribed timelines because they worked well
  • increasing the dose because you think something works well
  • not consulting again and taking the same advice for extended periods without looking to resolve the issues

Insufficient or Half knowledge can be dangerous especially with medicine and health issues, we urge you to discuss with your doctors about any concerns you have surrounding this and clarify the doubts.

Our Best sexologists at PassionFruit – Sexual Wellness Centre, are well trained in treating any type of sexual dysfunction that has been bothering a man or a woman. Their diagnosis can help you understand the issue properly and help you choose the right treatment course. Your doctor might prescribe necessary medication, counselling with your partner, guidance in choosing the best positions, and involvement of any mechanical toys or devices.

To diagnose and treat the medical cause behind the sexual dysfunction, one must come forward to consult a doctor to treat the same with professional help. Our experts in PassionFruit – Sexual Wellness Centre, Bangalore, are very open to hearing your problems and guiding you without any discomfort.


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